Samstag, 12. Januar 2013

Footprints (Song)

Leaving footprints in wet sand
Light up a flame in someone’s hand
Moments passing like the sun
And the time is on a run.
The moon is shining bright tonight
The sea is glowing ‘cause the light
And the beach is laying quiet
There´s no pain and fear tonight

We’re leaving footprints in the sand
Holding the world in our hands
Leaving footprints in our souls
Always reaching our goals
Leaving footprints in our life
Let fall down now all the knives
Leaving footprints in the world
And old stories won’t be furled

Now old world please rest in peace
Another one will soon release
No war no pain will overcome
Not like in this other one
This is the time to choose your way
To say what people want to say
To love your friends and family
And leave some signs finally.

Some people need a second chance
We’ll give them ‘cause they have some plans
They need an open ear which listens
They don’t want a life in prison
Their plans could change the world right now
They will show us how.

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